RastaVacations has proudly been established as the number one website for cannabis friendly vacations on the internet for 9 years. RastaVacations receives on average between 40,000 and 50,000 visits a month.

We are looking to add cannabis friendly advertisements from certain areas of the country where it is legal to consume cannabis, to help our clients have the best vacation experience possible.

In the very near future Washington and Colorado will be running a fully regulated and legal cannabis industry. Many people are very curious about going there for vacation,  and finding out as much as they can. Let us help your cannabis friendly business prosper by giving them a chance to see you here first!

RastaVacations provides links to places and services that are cannabis related on 3 different web sites.,our Blog and on our Facebook group. Our preselected criteria for potential advertisers includes Cannabis Clubs,  Dispensary's,  Transportation services, and totally awesome, cannabis friendly, lodging accommodations.

Please fill out our "Contact Us" form linked above. for more information on our current advertising specials.

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